Case Studies

Continent 8

Continent 8 Technologies is focused on the delivery of Internet technologies, products and services, providing companies with a secure, reliable facility from which to host their online operations


The SCISYS Group, a leading of provider of IT services across Europe, develops robust
application solutions and provides supporting services in industries like government, utilities,
transportation, telecommunications, charities, media, space, and others.

National Trust for Scotland

The National Trust for Scotland is an independent charity that supports the conservation of
natural and human heritage locations. It is Scotland’s largest membership organisation.


Formed in 1951, Streit Service and Solution, based in the Black Forest in the south of
Germany, provides companies with office supplies and furniture and a range of office
support services

Super Group

Founded in 1986 as a trucking company, Super Group has grown into a multinational supply
chain management corporation employing 5,000 people—including 3,500 networked staff who
require world-class IT service management infrastructure.

Domino's Pizza Group plc

Domino’s IT service desk supports around 950 franchise stores across the UK, Ireland and Switzerland, along with around 500 internal users, 250 of which are based at the head office in Milton Keynes, U.K.